Rooms. Series-LEXI NILSON

Her Instagram bio is “Pardon my glitter” and I don't think I could find a more suiting title for Lexi Nilson. There are small confetti like forms of glitter in almost every inch of this French inspired artist’s bedroom, but in an exhilarating, whimsical way. Lexi lives just a block south of BYU campus in a basement room in a house full of 6 girls. 

Lexi generously let me into her house on a cloudy Wednesday morning despite her busy schedule. I knew Lexi very briefly in high school but only a quick hello kind of relationship. Her roommate, Madeline Ballard, insisted I take a look at her room when she found out I was doing this room series. A few phone calls later I was headed to see what the talk was all about.

Right away Lexi was extremely welcoming and invited me in though we hadn’t really fully talked in a few years. As she quickly showed me down to her room, we try to pin point the exact time we met which we realized was when she interviewed me for student council my junior year. She then makes me feel at home as we sit on the ground and chat as if this was a routine for her. She explains the dynamic of her family and essentially how she loves coming back to her room every night because it’s something she’s made completely her own. 

A point that I still distinctly remember about the visit, was how we both agreed rooms enable you to be productive especially when you have a job or career that demands constant creativity. With that being true, we loved the freedom and flexibility of going back to our homes in Alpine/Highland. Even though it’s a short thirty minute drive, we both like to use it as a small field trip that freshens our outlook on where we are in our career/schooling life and what we can do to go back reenergized. Lexi expanded on how she loves the environment she has created for herself in Provo but having something to contrast it with has allowed her to truly be grateful for both. 

I quickly pinpoint that Lexi is the girl you wished you knew better in high school. She’s a familiar face you don’t quite know super well but if you do, you are a lucky one. She’s inviting, beautifully genuine and charitable. As we skim the walls a few times with her hanging pieces collected from around the world (due to her addiction from study abroads) I noticed her love for the details. Whether that be in the paper mache unicorn head hanging on the wall or the hand painted mini violin she snatched up from D.I., Lexi likes to have little windows into her eccentric imagination. Other pieces that perfectly reflect her are her numerous quotes and says such as “Perfection is boring” and “I’m going to make everything around me beautiful-that will be my life”. I ask Lexi what her favorite quote or motto she uses in her life and she responds with 

“and above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely of places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it” by Ronald Dahl in one of her favorite books, The Minpins.

I came to believe that if Lexi had chosen to make her room completely blank she still would look at it as her greatest work of art. I think we all need to be like her in that sense. 

The book that really stood out to me this time around was the The Happiness Journal on her desk that I noticed within the first few minutes. I asked if she had read the book and she said she had even though she started the journal first. Lexi explained to me that the journal consisted of one sentence every day where you write your happiest moment. She followed this gleamingly saying she has stuck to it for three years now. Not only is this kind of commitment to anything impressive, but for such a little, simple act it really made a statement. She said she absolutely loves it because as she goes through her day she takes specific notice when she’s in her “happy moment”. Since this amazing visit I have started and kept my own happiness journal and though i’m not three years deep I can positively say it’s something I’ll have for a long time. 

A room is safe, comfortable and consistent. Lexi has utilized her brilliant illustrator talents to transform a bedroom into a sparkled, positive home base. I truly believe you always remember how people treat you rather than what they said and in this instance Lexi did just that. Her kindness and excitement about her future and surroundings is contagious and I’m glad to have shared the same space as her for a short glimpse. 

And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely of places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it
— Ronald Dahl